3 Ways to Avoid Mother’s Day Discouragement

3 Ways to Avoid Mother’s Day Discouragement

Most of us have seen it before. The Mother’s Day sun dawns, and we make that glorious first cup of coffee. We await what the day holds: thoughtful gifts, cuddles with the kiddos, and absolutely no – oh wait, what will everyone have for breakfast before church? I’ll whip something up real quick. Then the yells upstairs start: “Everyone hurry up before we’re late!” And sighs to our husbands, “Sure, we can take your mom to lunch after church in the two-hour-plus wait times (though I really just want to sit on the couch).” Depression and anxiety are often ignited by unmet expectations. How do we resist the Mother’s Day meltdown and have the stress-free rest we desire most? Here are a few pre-MD thoughts to hopefully help:

1. Communicate Desires

Expecting our family members to be mind-readers is unrealistic and borderline mean. Dropping hints rarely works. Consider clearly communicating what you would want Mother’s Day to look like with your family. Where would you like to go, do, or receive? Then, rinse and repeat. Trust me – they will need to hear it more than once.

2. Surrender Expectations

Love, honor, and value should not be defined by the contents of one day. Accurately expressing appreciation is something we all could improve on, including us moms. After voicing [texting, reminding, placing a banner in the sky…I’m kidding…mostly] your desires, consider simply surrendering the outcome. Determine to enjoy your day no matter what it holds. Deciding ahead of time that you are already loved and valued by your sweet family will go a long way when The Day arrives.

3. Receive Love

Overt overtures are unnecessary. Consider intentionally receiving love in the little things: that flicker of delight on your baby’s face when you walk in the room, the toothless giggle of your little one as they extend the bouquet of dirty wildflowers, the warmth of your husband’s hug. These are all reflections of how amazing you are. And especially – anticipate an extraordinary outpouring of God’s love on your special day. I promise you it will be there if you watch for it. The Lord Himself loves, values, and honors you more than is imaginable!

Much love to you momma friend! You are more beautiful and needed than you know!

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”
John 15:13 (NLT)

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